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 [Info] What is a visual novel?

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PostSubject: [Info] What is a visual novel?   Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:50 pm

For everyone who does not know what the term "visual novel" refers to, here is a short explanation:

"A visual novel is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art, or occasionally live-action stills or video footage. As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels or tableau vivant stage plays.

In Japanese terminology, a distinction is often made between visual
novels proper, which are predominantly narrative and
have very little interactive elements, and adventure games, which typically incorporate problem-solving
and other gameplay elements. This distinction is normally lost in the
West, where both are commonly referred to as "visual
novels" by Western fans. Visual novels and ADVs are especially prevalent
in Japan, where they made up nearly 70% of the PC game titles released in 2006.
Visual novels are rarely produced for video game consoles, but the more popular games are sometimes ported to systems such as the Dreamcast or the PlayStation 2." // from; shortened by Admin
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[Info] What is a visual novel?
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