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 Phantom of Inferno

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PostSubject: Phantom of Inferno   Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:40 pm

Phantom of Inferno

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Genre: action, drama, romance, crime

Developer: Nitroplus
Publisher: Nitroplus, Hirameki
Platform: PC, PS2, Xbox 360
Release date: February 25, 2000; Xbox release in summer 2011
Rating: 18+

Story: The story revolves around a 15 year old Japanese boy who went to America for studying. After witnessing a murder he is caught by the criminal organization "Inferno". After his memories were deleted by Infernos top scientist he is trained to be an assassin for the organization.

Routes: There are a total of 4 different routes (Ein, Claudia, Cal, Mio) the player can take, resulting in 10 different endings and 1 special "bad" ending which I won't post here.


  1. The Endless Nightmare (Bad End, Chapter 1)
  2. The End of a Long Dream (Bad End, Chapter 2)
  3. Southbound (Good End, Chapter 2)
  4. Fugitives (neutral end, Chapter 2)
  5. Vengeful Spirits (Bad End, Chapter 2)
  6. From Atop the Hill (Bad End, Chapter 2)
  7. The Woman in the High Castle (Bad End, Chapter 2)
  8. Road of the Cerulean Sky (Bad End, Chapter 2)
  9. Cherry Blossom Avenue (Good End, Chapter 3)
  10. Dusty Desert Trails (Good End, Chapter 3)
might have gotten some of the Endings wrong - if so please tell me !
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Phantom of Inferno
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