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 Rusty Hearts - Closed Beta is now live !!

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PostSubject: Rusty Hearts - Closed Beta is now live !!   Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:15 am

Rusty Hearts is the new online Hack'n Slash game from Perfect World (Forsaken World).

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Legends of the Vampire

Feared by most, loved by some.
Discover the origins of the Vampire.

Thousands of years ago, the mighty Bartbarod kingdom thrived near
what is known today as Macedonia. The royal family held a strict bond
with each other, maintaining a pure bloodline for centuries, until a
genetic mutation nearly wiped them out in 1000 BC. The few who survived
the mutation lived in hiding and continued to pass on their blood,
breeding a race that would come to be known as vampires.

Around 200 BC, this tribe of mutants was discovered by other humans
deep within in the Crelle Forest. They possessed inexplicable powers
and were initially feared by "normal" humans. Their existence was
tolerated, but only reluctantly so. Fear and mistrust grew between the
two peoples.
As time passed, members of both tribes forgot their fears and a new race
of half-breeds were born. Their population grew quickly, causing the
pure-blooded vampires to grow wary. The ruler of the Vampires at this
time, Lord Vlad, decided he had had enough. He would once and for all
eliminate the impurities that threatened the existence of his people and
declared war against humans and half-breeds alike.
After the Black Plague had swept through Europe in 14th century, the
great witch Philistia assembled the Hermetic Association of the Golden
Seal, a unification of small rebel groups to fight against Lord Vlad's
vampire army. All records tell that her rebels were successful and
stories of Vlad faded into legend...
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Rusty Hearts - Closed Beta is now live !!
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